Quiz Questions - What ONE word fits ____stream; ____hill; _____pour.'?

Trivia Question 1: What ONE word fits ____stream; ____hill; _____pour.'?

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Answer: Down

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Because we like you, here are some more free general knowledge trivia and quiz questions.

Trivia Question 2: Name USA city it's illegal to have a nude shop dummy on display?

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New York

Trivia Question 3:What role does mickey mouse play in 'fantasia'?

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Sorcerer's apprentice

Trivia Question 4:Which bird turns its head upside down to eat?

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Trivia Question 5:TPA What Is The Nickname Of New Yorks 28th Street?

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Tin Pan Alley

Who or what killed Al Capone??

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Trivia Question 6:What does the letter B stand for in the name of former US president, Lyndon B Johnson??

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