Quiz Questions - What ONE word fits ____stream; ____hill; _____pour.'?

Trivia Question 1: What ONE word fits ____stream; ____hill; _____pour.'?

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Answer: Down

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Because we like you, here are some more free general knowledge trivia and quiz questions.

Trivia Question 2: In Which African Country Is The Seaport Of Banana?

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The Democratic Republic Of Congo , Formally Zaire

Trivia Question 3:A group of pigs is called a?

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Trivia Question 4:In 1907 who was the first English writer win Nobel prize literature?

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Rudyard Kipling

Trivia Question 5:What is the capital of the seychelles?

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What Was Invented By The American Company Texas Instruments In 1958?

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The Silicone Chip

Trivia Question 6:Name The Submarine That Was Commanded By Captain Nemo In The Jules Verne's Novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea??

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