Hi. I'm Ronan.

I'm the developer, designer, customer support and everything else for Quiz Creator.

I'm Irish, currently living in Dublin.

I like to make things, and in the past, I've been a scientist, consultant, built some products and started some companies.

I built this site as a side-project - mainly because I thought there was no good resource for people to quickly create some (free) quiz questions and answers that didn't try and infect their computer.

I believe in small constant improvements over big changes, and I'm applying this concept to the site.

If you want to get in touch, you can visit my personal website, email me at support@pubquizcreator.com or message me on Twitter.

With QuizCreator, you can:

Create Complete Quizzes

Create quizzes complete with rounds, that you can save and re-use whenever you want.

Access Over 52k Free Questions

Add your own questions (or images for image rounds), but if you're stuck, we have over 52k questions that you can use in your quiz.

Auto-create Answer Sheets

When your quiz is ready, just press a button and download questions and answer sheets for you and your contestants.

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