Quiz Questions - A 'winkle' is an edible __________'?

Trivia Question 1: A 'winkle' is an edible __________'?

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Answer: Sea snail

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Because we like you, here are some more free general knowledge trivia and quiz questions.

Trivia Question 2: Gregorys powder is a type of what?

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Trivia Question 3:In the year 1000, leif erikson was the first european to set foot on ______?

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North america

Trivia Question 4:In which city was Abraham born?

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Trivia Question 5:What tropic passes through Australia?

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Tropic of capricorn

Which African country has the shilling as it's currency?

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Trivia Question 6:Who is the lead singer of 'the doors'?

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Jim morrison

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