Pub Quiz Creator - Where is guantanamo?

Trivia Question 1: Where is guantanamo?

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Answer: Cuba

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Trivia Question 2: The minimum number of members required to be legal is known as a?

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Trivia Question 3:What term is derived from the practise of clans of long ago wanting to get rid of their unwanted people without killing them so burned their houses down instead?

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Getting fired

Trivia Question 4:Which capital city was originally scheduled to hold the 1940 Summer Olympics, and had to wait for twenty-four years?

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Trivia Question 5:Whose is supposed to have had sex with his nanny when aged 9?

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Lord Byron

How many points does a converted try score in Rugby Union??

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Seven (five points for the try and two for the conversion kick)

Trivia Question 6:In Which US City Was The Alfred P Murrah Building Bombed In April 1995?

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Oklahoma City

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