Pub Quiz Creator - Football Team, buffalo _______?

Trivia Question 1: Football Team, buffalo _______?

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Answer: Bills

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Trivia Question 2: Which Flightless Bird Is The Emblem Of New Zealand?

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The Kiwi

Trivia Question 3:In which song did hall and oates tell you to watch out for that sharkey girl?

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Man eater

Trivia Question 4:Two of the permanent residents of Fawlty Towers were old ladies. One is Miss Tibbs, what is the name of the other?

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Miss gatsby

Trivia Question 5:What cocktail is made of rum and lemon?

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What was Winston Churchill's favourite participation sport?

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Trivia Question 6:Which author died at Astapova railway station in 1910??

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Leo Tolstoy

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