Quiz Questions - What is a guanaco?

Trivia Question 1: What is a guanaco?

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Answer: Wild llama

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Because we like you, here are some more free general knowledge trivia and quiz questions.

Trivia Question 2: In 1980 the Yellow Pages listed a Funeral Home under what?

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Frozen Food

Trivia Question 3:What is the area code for cruise ships in the Atlantic Ocean?

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Trivia Question 4:Which book has the statement 'all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others'?

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Trivia Question 5:Which medical condition is detected using the Ishiharo Test?

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Colour blindness

Who wrote The Sign of Four and The Valley of Fear?

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Conan doyle

Trivia Question 6:Which British prime minister had a bag named after him??

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