Quiz Questions - What sport has 'screwballs', 'bunt' and 'flies'?

Trivia Question 1: What sport has 'screwballs', 'bunt' and 'flies'?

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Answer: Baseball

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Because we like you, here are some more free general knowledge trivia and quiz questions.

Trivia Question 2: What is Celine Jules's (Star Ocean: The Second Story) favorite food?

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Baby rabbit risotto

Trivia Question 3:Which Scottish Football Club Boasted The First All Seater Football Stadium In Britain ?

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Trivia Question 4:What is defined as 'The fruit of the oak, beech, chestnut, and other forest trees, on which swine feed'?

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Trivia Question 5:What is the most frequently used word in the english language?

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Who invented the ball point pen?

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Laszlo and Georg Biro

Trivia Question 6:Which country has the largest malt whisky distillery in the world??

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Japan (the Suntory Distillery)

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